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Master Key Experience – Yr 2 Week 3

How SMART am I? S – SpecificM- MeasureableA – AchievableR – RealisticT — Time I’m writing my DMP – Definiteness of Purpose. I write a new one frequently because I manifest what it is I ask for. Yay! I learnt how to write one last year. It is part of the requirements of this amazing…

Master Key Experience Yr 2 – Week 2

Do It Now! Simple really! But let me think about it 🤔 Shall I? Maybe later? Yes, later is easier, too much effort now! Mañana is good enough for me! How often do we have this internal dialogue going on? I might say to myself, “I’m not really lazy, I’m just over compensating for the…

Week 1 Yr 2 Master Key Experience

A Constant Flow of New Beginnings Each morning I awake, renewed and re-set for the day ahead. This happens every morning! I’m given a chance for a whole new way, not bound to the past, always in the present and not concerned about the future, because there’s only this moment right? This week has been…

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