Master Key Experience Week 20

The Hedgehog or the Fox?

This weeks webinar was what I like to call a ‘rounding out’. Giving us the opportunity to realise all that we have accomplished and the how, the why and what’s next. We have 6 weeks left of this most amazing 6 months of mind blowing training, however, naturally our minds tend to look to the future and ask ‘what next?’. For some, it may be daunting, for others it’s a moment in time to be inspired by. No matter what, the future doesn’t exist, so how do we live having inspiration for the future, but be totally grounded in the NOW?

MKE has been an ever unfolding process of gems of knowledge, wisdom and ultimately, if one has done the work, massive self empowerment. Training our minds, like training a dog, or teaching a child, sets one up for an easeful way forward, aka skills for life. This I have found to be hugely beneficial. 

Training the mind in the MKE way has created more space and time, releasing the procrastination and constant time wasting that worrying about ‘the next step’ can take, as the subconscious mind is already dealing with it for you, effortlessly. 

I look back and wonder ‘where have you been all my life?’ I am referring not only to my now organised mind, but MKE in general. What a great discovery, thank you Mark & Davene and co for your countless hours of input and real care. You have created a family, a community of folk who are ‘a force to be reckoned with’. Each individual having their own way of living, with the ‘tools for life’ and expressing their own manifestation of life and capacity to be natures greatest miracle. 

It has been said by the wise and awakened that human beings are manifest desire. We are born with that capacity, but don’t exercise it naturally as our environment overwhelms us. So this moment is the reclamation of that super power and living it to the fullest. 

One of the focus’s this week is the analogy of the Hedgehog & the Fox. it took me a few takes to grasp this concept and I’m sure there will be more Aha moments to come.

Foxy loxy has it all covered, everything! Multi-tasking and being ‘all over it’. Probably quite manic really! Think of how a fox lives, always on the alert, covering tracks, sniffing for prey, engaging all the senses, dodging the next life threatening possibility … how exhausting, but how natural for some people to be the same. Monkey mind.

I was taught to be a fox. As an office manager and sales person, there was always so much to consider. A very good fox was I, until I burnt out! The brain literally burnt out, I had 3 months off work and was advised not to even pick up a phone or read anything. 

Enter stage left … the hedgehog, thank goodness! I welcome you with open arms.

Come here little hedgehog, I’ve put some bread and milk out for you in the garden (just like my Mother always did). As I embrace all that the hedgehog is, one pointed … bread and milk … maybe a quick worm on the way, but the bread and milk is the goal. A purposeful shuffle towards the goal, relaxed, easeful, uncomplicated, such a gentle soul. Ahhh, yes, so much more endearing.

The results you can expect? Fine tune your mind, dissolve the static and interference, breathe your way into effortless and graceful action, expect miracles because they do happen in this space … and a whole lot more!

There was a study done on this concept … check it out, remember the Master Key Experience is the step by step way of empowering you to be all that you can be;

Link to Stanford study on multi-tasking

Published by Happy Side of The Island

Hi and welcome to my Blog. This Blog is created as a result of engaging the Master Key Experience, an online and very inspiring training. As you follow my journey you too can get a taste for the course and consider taking the challenge for yourself. It is 26 weeks of what I can only imagine 'pure genius' that is a mix of science-backed and spiritual knowledge. At the time of writing this, I have completed the 4th week thus far. I am most grateful to the 'Pay-it-Forward' students of 2019 who have enabled me to take this course and I in turn look forward to doing the same thing for the 2021 students. I live in Australia, currently in Victoria, but have spent most of my 31 years in this country in NSW. I have been in the 'alternative' sector of life for 31 years now, having studied many forms of healing modalities, being involved in spiritual groups and being a 'life-coach'. This has brought me to many in-depth realisations and I enjoy sharing my knowledge and supporting people who are like-minded. I'm certain the Master Key Experience (MKE) is another evolutionary leap in my consciousness, serving all that is Consciousness.

21 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 20

  1. Nice story. It is amazing how schools and environments of our youth caused us to be a fox.

    I thought I was a little hedgehog for a very long tme. School, US Army Special Forces, College at USF, Law School, My own practice, University Adjunct Professor for ovr 16 years, Minister, etc.

    Little did I know I was following other people stuff and not my own. The Master Key System has me re-examining my life. I guess it has done that to all of us. God Bless.

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